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Limited Edition Prints

The prints below are from limited editions, printed on high quality watercolour paper, signed and numbered by the Artist. Mounted, backed and cellophane wrapped. Price on application.

The Wimble

The Wimble - Colour Image

Waning Moon

Waning Moon - Colour Image

Underhill - The Stiperstones

Underhill, The Stiperstones - Colour Image

Under the Stars

Under the Stars - Colour Image

Turn and Turn Again

Turn and Turn Again - Colour Image

The Wall - Bradnor Hill

The Wall, Bradnor Hill - Colour Image

The Wait

The Wait - Colour Image

The Wait Cepia

The Wait - Sepia Image

The Presence Cepia

The Presence - Sepia Image

The Presence B&W

The Presence - B&W Image

The Ravens Tell....

The Ravens Tell... - B&W Image

The murmeration

The Murmeration - B&W Image

The Raven Tells

The Raven Tells - B&W Image


Raindrops - Colour Image

Once in a Blue Moon

Once in a Blue Moon - Colour Image

Persimmon Tree

Persimmon Tree - Colour Tree

Out of the Ashes 2

Out of the Ashes - B&W Image


Unnamed - Colour Image

On Dusk

On Dusk - Colour Image

Mouse Mat

Mouse Mat

New Moon

New Moon - B&W Image


Moonrise - B&W Image

Moon Shadows

Moon Shadows - Colour Image

Midnight Moonlight

Midnight Moon - B&W Image

I'm Late, I'm Late

I'm Late, I'm Late - Colour Image

Lifetime of Cats

Lifetime of Cats - B&W Image

In the Deep Mid Winter

In the Deep Mid-winter - Colour Image

Gaggle of Geese

Gaggle of Geese - B&W Image

Full Moon White Hare 2

Full Moon, White Hare - Colour Image

First Dandelion of Spring

First Dandelion of Spring - B&W Image

Fallow in the Forrest

Fallow in the Forest - Colour Image

Flying with the Moon

Flying with the Moon - B&W Image

Early One Morning

Early One Morning - Colour Image

Down From the Tops

Down from the Tops - B&W Image

Dancing Dragonflies

Dancing Dragonflies - Sepia Image

Crows Nest

Crow's Nest - Colour Image

Crow Back, Slow Back

Crow Back, Slow Back - Colour Image

Cottongrass Hare

Cottongrass Hare - Colour Image

Blue Cat

Blue Cat - Colour Image

At Break of Day

At Break of Day - Sepia Image

Coracle Shed - Eustace Rogers

Coracle Shed, Ironbridge (Eustace Rogers - Sepia Image

Bluebells by Moon

Bluebells by Moon - Colour Image

Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon - Colour Image

Four Seasons

Four Seasons - Sepia Image

On Dusk

On Dusk - Colour Image

Catalyst Chrysalis

Catalyst Chrysalis - Colour Image

Cold Cold Night

Cold, Cold Night - B&W Image

Full Moon White Hare

Full Moon, White Hare - Colour Image

Disappearing Wales

Disappearing Wales - Colour Image

Harvest Hare

Harvest Hare - Sepia Image

Waxing Moon White Hare

Waxing Moon, White Hare - Colour Image

Waning Moon White Hare

Waning Moon, White Hare - Colour Image


Unnamed - Colour Image

Harvest Hare

harvest Hare - Sepia Image

2 Hares 2

Two Hares Too - B&W Image

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